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Fall Brings crisp air, new launch and cozy recipes

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. It's a time of starting over, fresh crisp air, yummy recipes, ( Bring on the apples & pumpkin) cozy nights, bonfires & pumpkin patches. For us in the skincare world it is usually time to switch our skin routine! (Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite fall recipes below)

Let's talk skincare! We are so excited to launch our new at home skincare kits full of all our favorite result driven products. We have had many client's coming in frustrated about " MASK ACNE" so with all the concerns and client's asking for recommendations, we knew this kit was a must! We put a lot of time, expertise and thought into what will help with this deep, stress and bacterial triggered acne flare up. The products will last a month and some even longer! We made these kits with the client in mind and so we could put multiple products in your hand without breaking the bank! We also included a 15% off restock coupon inside every kit so you can continue with your routine if needed! We hope you try them because we know they will work! We can ship kits or you can stop in the beauty bar. Our 3 launch kits will be....


Mask Acne Kit $80

* Special cleansing gel (Travel Size)

* Sand your ground exfoliating mud mask ( deluxe sample)

* Pudding A peel mask ( Full size)

* Retinol clearing oil ( Sample)

* Three milk moisturizer ( Full size)

Fall Glo-_Up Kit $92

*Special cleansing gel ( Travel Size)

* 2 Rapid reveal peels ( one time use)

* Splendid Dirt pumpkin mask ( Deluxe sample)

* Bio vitamin C serum ( Deluxe samples)

* 3 Milk moisturizer ( Full size)

* Wine down antioxidant serum ( Deluxe sample)

Teen Acne Kit $65

* Clear start wash ( Full size )

* Sand your ground ( deluxe sample)

* Clear start soothing hydration moisturizer ( Full size)

* Overnight clearing serum ( deluxe sample)

* Will dew mask ( deluxe sample)


Enjoy some of our favorite sweet & savory recipes below!

Creamy Sausage & Kale Soup

Recipe by: Kristen Loveland


1 lb. Pork or chicken sausage

Kale chopped cleaned


3 cups vegetable broth

32 oz Chicken broth

1 cup water

tablespoon chicken organic better than bullion chicken base




1 cup heavy cream

(I substitute 1 can coconut milk to make dairy free)

Italian seasoning

salt, pepper & red pepper

Red pepper flakes


Cook meat through set aside

saute onion, garlic, carrots some salt & pepper for 5 minutes

Add all other ingredients except kale and coconut milk. Add seasoning to taste.

Bring to a boil

Let simmer for 15 minutes

add cream or coconut milk simmer another 15 minutes

Add kale only cook until bright green and slightly wilted


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