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Spring Trends & How To Acheive Them

Skin is in! As well as natural beauty makeup trends. Selfcare or as I like to call it soulcare is growing in demand. People want a full emmersive mind, body & soul experience when it comes to their treamtents now more than ever. Thats why at With Love Beauty Bar we are always on top of providing you with the best services and products to fit the current trends. Although these is one's I think we are going to be seeing for awhile. Read below for some. Read below for some of the trends you will see

Holistic Healing Facials

People are craving longer treatments with more stress relief along with results. The full mind, body spirit experience! So for our seasonal facial this spring/summer we are introducing, The Goddess Ritual Treatment. This facial will leave you feeling fully restored. Starting off with negative energy clearing, crystal healing tools, and ending with LED Red Light therapy. Our Celluma Red Light device is anti-aging and antiflammatory and studies show it helps boost your mood. It can also help aid in better sleep so it was a must add on to this facial. This facial is just the beggining of incorporating more wellness into our treatments. We hope you enjoy this one as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

Natural Makeup With Pops Of Color

You will see a trend this spring for natural looking makeup Glowing skin, enhancing the brows and lashes and lightweight makeup with fun pops of color around the eyes and lips. This look can be acheived by adding tanning drops, and a few drops of liquid bronzer to your foundation or tinted moisturizers. Also switching out your brow pomades and pencils for a clear or light tinted brow gel to create a natural brow. Another great option can be a lash lift to draw focus to the lashes. You can wear mascara over a lash lift after 24 hrs and its a low maintenace look. Another optiion is to start a lash or brow serum to help enhance them. We love revitalash growth serum at the beauty bar. We see amazing results with consistency. After using the lash serum for a few months you can maintence with it a few times a week and still maintain great lashes. This product is physician formulated and we love the results it gives our clients. Using a spoolie wand after applying mascara to separate the lahes and remove any excess mascara is another way to acheive this look. I love a pop of blue or violet mascara on the eyes or a bright lip color to create a fun vibrant look. With a natural base ,it wont look over done and will draw focus to the fun color.

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