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Living with courage and our new "Norm"

In Life and within my business I live by a few very important morals. Two of those have always been transparency and passion. With that being said this is written with both. We are all human and we all have the right to deal with what is happening in our own way. My opinion and what I write today might not be the views of everyone. I still have the responsibility as the owner of With Love Beauty Bar to keep moving forward and remain forthcoming. I have always been a problem solver, I do not sit in fear or stress for long before taking action. My response to anxiety and fear is usually to solve it or keep moving. I have tried to live this way during the pandemic and like most I have indulged as well. I am well aware we are all in this together but on very different paths. Now more than ever it is so important to stay connected to community and to surround ourselves with positive influence.

At With Love Beauty Bar we are doing just that. We are in contact with organizations, service providers and other small businesses in order to seek logical advice and make sound decisions moving forward. We will follow the guidance or our state and county when it comes to being able to reopen. We will not do so before our Governor phases in our industry as a whole. I can only speak for the beauty bar as the Studios are privately owned but as a community we are working together to do what is best for all of us. As an establishment and community we are all taking steps to insure everyone's health and safety. Some studio owners may decide to re open at different times due to personal or professional reasons. At the Beauty Bar these are some things we have implemented in order to move towards a re opening. I need everyone to understand this will not be business as usual and some new protocols will have to be met. We are still navigating through them and some changes could be added. This will be our new "Norm" until communicated differently. As a industry we are always held to a higher level of sanitation and now we will be required to go above and beyond. These requirements below are done intentionally to protect ourselves, our employees and all clients. Our goal is to alleviate your stress so you are able to feel safe, healthy and happy when you return.

* Sanitation and disinfection supplies have been stocked that follow CDC and Osha guidance. Gloves will be worn at all times during nail and skincare services. Sanitation stations will be established for clients and employees, including at the front entrance. Hourly sanitation will be done of all high traffic areas.

* New HVAC filters will be replaced and will continue to do so more often.

* Clients and employees will most likely be expected to wear masks at all times during entry of the establishment. We are still unsure if we will be able to purchase extra masks for clients. If we can we will sell them for those who need them at cost.

* lounge areas will be off limits and any congregating will be off limits within the building. We will be asking clients to wait outside or in vehicles until your appointment. We prefer a cashless transaction. I am working on apple pay and other cashless options to make it convenient for the client.

* Appointments will be spaced out in order to properly sanitize in between each client. Hours of operation will be expanded in order for our service providers to work safely and with limited providers working at the same time. Work stations will be spread further apart.

* Beverage stations and snacks will not be provided until it is safe. We will have bottled water for our clients convenience in the beauty bar

* Testers will be put away for the time being. We will have service providers and receptionist available to answer any product questions or consultation. Our receptionist and service providers have been taking additional training on product knowledge during our closing. We can provide take home samples for clients interested in skincare products.

* All employees will be accessed daily before returning to work and will show up to work freshly laundered. temperatures may be asked to be taken from employees if required or suggested. Clients who feel sick, have a fever, cough or any other symptoms related to covid-19 to not schedule or to reschedule appointments. we will ask client to use common sense and not enter the building if you have congregated somewhere else essential. (For instance grocery stores) We ask this simply because of how close and intimate some of your services are and for cross contamination purposes. We may ask you to wash hands properly before certain service for everyone's safety when entering the building.

Now on to the exciting news! As we get closer to re opening we will begin to announce our promotions and deals! We will also open online booking once we have a definitive date. We are working on thank you gifts and free add on services for all our regular clients. We will extend appointments to regular clients first and then extend promotions to new clients as well.

We truly can not express how thankful we have been for all the support and encouragement we have received during this time. We plan on catering to each client's personal need when coming back, including touchless consultations, virtual consultations and at home spa kits for clients who may not be ready for facials yet! Please know we are doing everything in our power to make you feel welcome and safe when we return! Virtual hugs xoxoxo

With Love,

Kristen loveland

Owner With Love beauty Bar & Studios

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