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Lash Care During Quarantine


I wanted to write a quick post for all of our lash extension clients. We have not forgotten about you and miss you dearly! Due to this world pandemic, we have had to put your lash extension fills on hold. I am writing today to offer information on what to do with them during this time, so I will jump right in! Unfortunately, there is not a way to make your extensions last longer than they normally would, but I thought that a list of DO’S AND DON’TS would be helpful.

DON’T pull off the lashes. You will rip out your natural lashes with the extensions.

DON’T wear strip lashes daily. These will cause damage to your natural lashes with overuse.

DON’T try any online remedies for removal that could potentially cause harm to your lashes or the health of your eyes.

DO enjoy the lashes you have now.

DO wash them daily to help any oils and dirt from weighing them down.

DO let the lashes fall naturally.

DO use mascara, ONLY if you feel like you need to. I would recommend this if it has been 3 weeks or more since your last fill. Please remember to stay away from the base of the lashes!

DO use a growth serum. This is the best time to be using #REVITALASH daily. This will keep your natural lashes thick and strong, and when you come back we will have a great base to work with. We offer a 6-week supply at $55 and a 4-month supply at $98, and we will gladly ship this to you!

During this time, we are taking an online course to extend our eyelash extension knowledge. We will be learning different techniques and styles that will accentuate everyone’s eye shape and natural beauty. In addition, we will be offering discounts to our loyal clients for either extended fills or full sets. Both Kristen and I are eager to get back to work and give you beautiful lashes again. As always, if you have any questions or would like to purchase any products during this time do not hesitate to reach out. We wish for you and your families to stay safe and healthy.

With Love,


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