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A Personal Note To All Clients

Loyal Clients,

As many of you know With Love Beauty Bar decided to take the approach to shutdown with the news of Cov-19 spreading. This decision did not come lightly and we feel it was the responsible thing to do in order to step back and access the situation with a clear mind. This has also given me the time to do many things on my To-Do list including this blog!

That being said right now I wanted to specifically check in with clients and friends to see how you are navigating during this time of uncertainty. Try to remember that social distancing does not mean social isolation. It's a time of organizing, a time to be with our loved ones, some early spring cleaning and to get outside for a walk and fresh air. Also an excellent time for self care.

With your health in mind during this unprecedented situation and will be making decisions on a week by week or day by day basis right now. We have always and will continue to give each of our clients personal attention and provide first priority to those who need to rebook during this time. I care about your mental state and emotional well being and want to offer these simple tips to take care of yourself right now.

Tip #1

Remember that product you bought from us but haven't been a faithful user? Get it out! Now is the time to use it and if your not sure how, reach out and I can help you. If you are running low on products I am happy to coordinate free shipping at this time or even pick up. Reach out if you need anything, we will take all safety measures in packaging.

Tip #2

It's normal to indulge in sweets and wine during stressful times. I'm giving you permission, heck! I would even join you in person if I could. If you do partake in any #emotionaleating here is a beauty hack, put your products in the fridge for a fast pick me up. It will not only feel great but will help say good bye to puffy, swollen eyes. I love using essential oils to alleviate my mood. I have been diffusing Raven from Young Living, Lavender mixed with pepermint and lemon mixed with orange.

Tip #3

Take a hot bath and add some epsom salt for soothing muscles and inflammation or pink himalayan salt for added detoxification and deep sleep benefits.

Tip #4

Take breaks from watching, reading and listening to social media and news stories. Hearing or focusing on the pandemic can add stress to the body and mind. Take this time to get caught up with a favorite shows, a good book, selfcare and reconnecting with friends and family instead. If your skin is starting to show signs of stress, I love a good Farmhouse Fresh mask, Vital Proteins collagen powder, Farmhouse Fresh Wine Down Serum and a really good Moisturizer. Get your vitamin D as well!

P.S Do me a favor dont touch your brows or pick your skin until we see you again!

P.S.S Those fun chats we have in the Beauty Bar don't need to end because we are social distancing. I know how stress can effect you, Please reach out! Seriously for anything.

With Love,


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